I won an event! How do I get my GammonPoints?

Ask Your Club director.

If your Club director is in the GammonPoints system, you'll get them automatically. Otherwise, request that the director and club be added by sending an email to admin@gammonpoints.com with your club director's name/email or have the director do this.

How are GammonPoints earned?

By playing - and placing - in a live tournament where the club uses this app.

GammonPoints are a function of two things:

1) Strength of Field
2) Place

Strength of Field (SOF) is a measure of, well, the strength of the field. The stronger the players and the greater number of players, the higher the SOF. Place is where the player finishes: 1st, 2nd, tied for 2nd/3rd, etc.

All that matters is the SOF and that you placed: It doesn't matter the game you played, who you played or the type of event that you played in.

Do players (or clubs) have to pay a fee to earn or see their points?

No, the app is free for all.

I'm a player and I'm seeing weird names for other players. What's going on?

PII, which stands for Personally Identifiable Information, is the reason: GammonPoints abides by GDPR and other international privacy regulations. A player may update his or her profile with made-up first and last names.

Note: Directors may see player emails. Non-directors may only see player emails when the player's first and last names are both blank. The full privacy policy is here.

Can a player be in more than one club?


A club's rankings include that player's GammonPoints earned for that club only.

GammonPoints also publishes an overall player ranking for GammonPoints earned in all clubs.

Clubs and Directors

I run a club. How do I use the GammonPoints app?

1) Specify the players in the event
2) Specify the event winners (ties are OK)

That's it! GammonPoints will calculate and record the GammonPoints earned. Player names are immediately available for public display: players can immediately see their ranking within your club and overall.

I run a club. Can I just send you a PDF or Excel file of the player names and order of their finish?

You may.

Email admin@gammonpoints.com with the following: 1) Name of the sport (backgammon, Fortnite, etc.)
2) Your club name
3) Date and local time of the event
4) The attachment

DO NOT just send the winners: All players in the event must be identified.

Results are typically entered and player rankings updated within 24 hours.

Note: If you want to use the Email Club Members feature, include player emails.

I run a club. How do I enter a player who doesn't have an email address?

Type in their first and last names

We'll set up an email as firstname.lastname@gammonpoints.com. They won't get any emails that way but their email will serve as a unique id.

You may update the email address for any player when they play in an event.

I run a club but don't see my GammonPoints that I earned at my events. Why not?

Directors are eligible to earn GammonPoints but not at their own clubs or events.

Can one director run several clubs?


GammonPoints Awards

What is the minimum # of players before GammonPoints may be awarded?

Six players for singles; four teams (eight players) for doubles.. There is no upper limit.

How many places earn GammonPoints?

8-12 players: 2 places
13-48 players: 4 places
49-192 players: 8 places
193+ players: 16 places

How are GammonPoints calculated exactly?

GammonPoints are the product of the SOF, the place fraction, and a scaling factor.

What is the place fraction?

The place fraction is the % of total GammonPoints a player gets.

For example, in an event with 8-12 players, which pays to two places, 1st place is 66%, 2nd place is 34%. If the event has 6 or 7 players, one player wins and the place fraction is 75%.

Here are all the place fractions:

Place/# places24816

What is the scaling factor?

GammonPoints are scaled so that the winner of an 8-person tournament of beginners earns 1.00 GammonPoints.

How is the SOF calculated?

The better the players, the higher the strength of the field (SOF).

The calc is a bit geeky but basically SOF is proportional to the geometric mean of the players' GammonPoints times the # of players. For the purposes of SOF calculation, the minimum # of GammonPoints per player is 10. This gives incentive to beginner players because they'll earn proportionally more points.

Do GammonPoints expire?

No. However, if a player commits fraud, including but not limited to cheating and recording results for online tournaments, that player's points will be forfeited. If a director commits fraud, all player points earned under that director will be forfeited.

Who gets GammonPoints? For example, let’s say 32 players are in the Open division and 16 players in the Intermediate division. Each division has a Consolation bracket:

 Which participants get GammonPoints?
 What do people get for attending?
 For winning a match?
 For winning the event?
 For losing in the semis?​
 (Thanks to Albert Steg for posing this.)

In a field of 13 to 48 players, the top four finishers earn GammonPoints. In a field of 8 to 12 players, the top two finishers earn GammonPoints.

Players in the Consolation will not earn GammonPoints.

Re the remaining questions:

  • What do people get for attending?GammonPoints will begin awarding Experience Badges (and other badges) no later than June, 2018 for all events started from January 1, 2018 onward. Experience rankings will also be published along with GammonPoints rankings.
  • For winning a match? Nothing per se. A player must be one of the winners to earn GPs.
  • For winning the event? You earn the most possible GammonPoints. The formula for computing GPs is as follows:
    1. Sum the reciprocals of each player's GammonPoints. If a player has fewer than ten GammonPoints, assume they have ten for the purposes of the calculation.
    2. Take the reciprocal of that number. For a field of 8 novices, this is 1 / (1/10 + 1/10 + ... + 1/10) = 10/8.
    3. Now multiply by the number of players in the field, 8. 10/8 * 8 = 10.
    4. Again multiply by the number of players in the field, 8. 10 * 8 = 80.
    5. Divide by the scaling factor, which is always 53. 80 / 53 = 1.50943396226
    6. Multiply by the place fraction. The place fraction is a function of the # of players in the field and the finish (1st, 2nd, etc.). For a 2-finisher field, 1st place is .66 (see table above under What is the place fraction?). So the winner gets .66 * 1.50943396226 = 1.00 GammonPoints (rounded to 2 decimal places).
  • For losing in the semis?​ In a field of 13+, the two semi-finalists are tied for 3rd and 4th. The TD can leave the tie or have them play each other (or use some other way) to determine who is 3rd and who is 4th. In a field of 6-12, semi-finalists do not earn GPs.

Event Eligibility

Are Doubles events eligible for GammonPoints?

Yes. The club will specify the event as doubles and marks each player on the winning team as tying for 1st and 2nd, each player on the runner up team as tying for 3rd and 4th, etc.

Are any events not eligible for GammonPoints?

By and large, all clubs and events are eligible for GammonPoints, whether the game/sport/hobby is Scrabble, PUBG, Tiddlywinks, debating or knitting.

Can GammonPoints be earned for multiple events in the same tournament?

Generally speaking, yes.. GammonPoints does not prescribe how tournament directors format their tournaments or assign places. That's all their call.

So players may earn GPs in main, masters, intermediate, beginners, jackpots, doubles, etc.

For the purposes of GammonPoints, the Open, Consolation, Last Chance, etc. are considered part of the same event stream and only one set of GammonPoints may be earned.

But a player may enter, say, the Open, Juniors, and Doubles, and win GPs in all three during the same tournament.

Can GammonPoints be earned for online tournaments?

It depends on how easy it is to cheat in the online game..

For example, with backgammon, it's too easy to cheat, so no online backgammon events earn GammonPoints. GammonPoints are generally OK for online-only games such as Fortnite.


Our club just signed up for GammonPoints. How far back may they be awarded?

Results may be added and GammonPoints may be awarded retroactively to January 1, 2018.

After March 31 of each year, the retroactive date is the 1st of that year. For example, on March 15, 2019, the retroactive date is January 1, 2018. But on April 1, 2019, the retroactive date becomes January 1, 2019.

Does GammonPoints include bracket software?

No. How the event is run is up to the director. Any format is OK: Swiss, single-, double- or triple-elimination, round robin, etc. The Club director specifies the winners. That said, if the bracket software has an API, GammonPoints will interface with it so directors may upload player and winner info. You may contact admin@gammonpoints.com with the name of the bracket software.

What happens when a director violates GammonPoints rules?

GammonPoints will review the violation and make a determination. Penalties may range from a warning all the way to suspending the director. Extreme violations such as fraud may result in player GammonPoints being voided for all GammonPoints earned under that director.