Get Started Guide for Directors

Quick Start

1) Log in as a director at

2) You'll see the dashboard. In the Start New Event dropdown, select Start New Event.

3) You'll see the event page. Put the correct date and time in for the event.

4) Add new players in the box that says: Start typing a player's email.

As you type characters, GammonPoints will display names matching on email, first name and/or last name.

Click the name you want. If it's a new player, enter the entire email and press Enter. If you don't know the player's email, use (e.g.,

5) To remove a player, click the x next to the player to be removed.

6) To specify the player's first and last names, click player's email and enter the information, which will update immediately.

7) When all players have been entered, assign the place using the dropdown box in the Place column.

8) When all places have been entered, a Close button will appear. Click that to close the event, and confirm with the dialog box that opens.

GammonPoints have now been awarded.

In Depth

To get set up as a Director:

1) Click the Director Login/Registration link on the home page. The enter your email and password and click Register. Register

2) Check your email and click the link. Check Email

To run an event:

3) Go to /index/getlogin/Director and login with the password we sent. Login
You'll see your dashboard: LoginResult

4) Click "Start New Event" Start a New Event

5) Start typing your club name. It'll autofill (or you may create a new club)Which club?

6) Start typing the event. It'll autofill (or you may create a new event). Common events are Open, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, Weekly, Seniors, Doubles, Jackpot, Masters, etc.Which event?

7) Check the date and time and change if necessary.Date and Time

To identify players:

8) Enter players. You just need the email - they'll confirm it. If you have an Excel file with an extension of XLSX you may upload that and GammonPoints will retrieve the emails automatically. Upload Players
Once entered, player names appear below, along with any pertinent messages. Event Player List

To specify winners:

9) Once you have eight or more players, you can specify the places (1st, 2nd, etc.) Who won?

To chat with players during the event:

10) Type your message into the Chat box at the bottom. Players in the event may respond, too! Use this to let folks know their pairings and when their match is readyChat

To end the event and award GammonPoints:

11) When the event is over, click Close Event and your players will earn GammonPoints! Close Event
You'll be asked to confirm.
Confirm Close Event

To see the results:

12) Check your dashboard. Just about anything is clickable Stats

To email your players:

13) Click the hamburger and choose Email Your Players. Email Your Players

14) You may email your entire list or just those for a specific event (past, present, or future). Choose Recipients

15. Players may unsubscribe. Unsubscribe

Next steps

Need more help? Want more features? Please call 203-614-9473 or email